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Metabolic Balance?

We are glad you are here...

You want to know more about

In short, Metabolic Balance (MB) is a comprehensive program designed to help you attain optimal Metabolic Health.

How can I tell if don't have great Metabolic Health?

... feeling tired all the time? Sluggish?

... tummy not quite right? Bloating, Cramping, Flatulence?

... clothes tight?

... feeling, looking puffy in the mirror?

... not sleeping that well?

... maybe its my age and stage of life?

... stubborn weight not as easy to shift as it used to be?

Something more sinister?

Take a look at the check list below", how many can you tick?

A healthy waistline circumference (2).png

Experiencing even one of these conditions doesn't necessarily mean you have the syndrome, but it does significantly increase your risk of severe illnesses like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


As these conditions accumulate, your risk of critical health issues intensifies.

With about a third of Australian adults affected by Metabolic Syndrome, it's increasingly important to adopt proactive lifestyle changes.


Metabolic Balance offers just that – an effective, easy-to-follow programme guided by expert practitioners like us, aimed at preventing or reversing the progression of serious health complications


A simple string test - you can do at home

See the string test demonstrated in this video (click on the play button).


You can do this at home with any piece of string.

How did you go?

String doesn't go around your waist... no problems, no judgement.. we can help.

You came here to find out what MB is... here is the full detail...

What is again?

Originating from German nutrition science, Metabolic Balance is a renowned dietary program created in 2001 by Dr. Wolf Funfack and his team. This innovative approach focuses on resetting and maintaining your blood glucose and insulin levels through a tailored dietary plan. It's not just a diet; it's a science-backed path to optimal well-being, offering customized meal plans to meet your unique biochemical needs.

Revolutionary Approach to Health

Metabolic Balance champions whole, unprocessed foods, steering clear of refined sugars. Emphasizing a balance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and vegetables, it's designed to regulate blood sugar and promote healthy weight loss, all tailored to your body's unique needs. All of the foods, you can buy at your local supermarket. No shakes, soups, powders, or non-foods where the ingredients aren't disclosed.

Beyond Calorie Counting: Embracing Modern Science

Metabolic Balance moves beyond the outdated approach of calorie counting. This program understands that true health is not just about numbers, but about the quality and balance of nutrients. Modern science shows us that it's not just about how much you eat, but what you eat and how it interacts with your unique biochemistry. With Metabolic Balance, you're not just counting calories - you're making every calorie count by choosing foods that naturally align with your body's needs, leading to more effective and sustainable health outcomes.

A Philosophy Rooted in Personalisation

At its core, Metabolic Balance recognizes the power of personalized nutrition. Each body has the ability to produce essential hormones and enzymes for a thriving metabolism, provided it gets the right nutrients. It's about listening to your body's true needs, not external influences or generic, one-size-fits-all, diet plans.

Journey through 4 phases

  1. Preparation Phase: Gentle cleans and prepare your body (2 days).

  2. Strict Conversion Phase: Stabilize your metabolism with optimized, portion-controlled nutrition (2 weeks).

  3. Relaxed Conversion Phase: Reintroduce a wider range of foods, aligning with your body's signals (until you've hit your goal - 8 weeks+).

  4. Maintenance Phase: Embrace a lifelong journey of balanced eating.

Recommended Foods for Metabolism

Metabolic Balance prioritizes foods like rye bread, nuts, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fermented foods. These choices are rich in nutrients that support a healthy metabolism and reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome. Once again, these are everyday foods that you can buy from your local supermarkets (some at a health food store).

Is Metabolic Balance Right for You?

If you're facing tiredness, stubborn weight gain, hormonal imbalances, or metabolic issues, Metabolic Balance could be your path to revitalization.

Pros & Cons of Metabolic Balance

  • Pros: Personalised plans, rapid initial weight loss, diverse food range, improved blood glucose levels, and overall well-being, super-market foods, rest-of-life program.

  • Cons: Requires weighing your foods, challenges in dining out in the intial phases, no/low exercise in the first 2 phases, detox can be tough (depending on how much coffee and sugar youv'e had).

Transformative Health Benefits

Beyond weight loss, Metabolic Balance can improve blood pressure, cholesterol levels, reduce diabetes risk, enhance energy, digestion, skin health, and boost immunity.​ All of this means increased Vitality!

Ready for a Change?

Take the first step towards a healthier you. Book a discovery call now and embark on your journey with Metabolic Balance. Transform your health and revitalize your life.

George xxx

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How does it work?


Initial Consultation


To get your health and wellbeing assessed and objectives and goals set.


Blood Test

Blood is taken at a local pathology lab by our referal. No need to go to the GP, no extra cost to you.


Get your personalised plan... Let the coaching begin!

The personal nutrition plan presents healthy, varied meals which are easy to adapt to. 


Six (6) consults to get you feeling amazing!

To guide you through the four phases and to your goals set in the initial consultation. In these consults, your measures are taken and shared, discussion and the opportunity to adjust as needed.

Medical Consultation

Choosing your MB Practitioner: A comprehensive checklist

Your Metabolic Balance practioner is key to ensure that your Metabolic Balance journey is made as successful as possible.

Below is a check list for you to use when choosing your MB practitioner:

⏹️Are they degree qualified? (All of our practioners are bachelor degree qualified)

⏹️Are they a registered MB Practioner? (All of our practitioners are registered MB practioners)

⏹️How many registered MB practioners do they have in thier practice? 

- We have 2. This ensures that you can book in, when you want.

⏹️How comprehensive is the blood pathology analysis?

We provide a fully comprehensive functional pathology analysis and comprehensive 30-40 page report on your blood pathology. This is not just a QML report, it is way beyond that.

⏹️Ask for a sample of the blood pathology analysis?

- Click here to see ours 

- If you were to purchase this comprehensive functional blood pathology from us it would cost $595 (see the Executive Pathology Profile product in our store)

⏹️Beyond the MB plan, what do they provide you as a 'toolkit'? We provide a toolkit we call, "Metabolic Vitality", it includes:

- Comprehenisive guides on topics such as; cheese, fats and oils, sauces, etc.

- MB Planner, that is a planner for your first 12 weeks

- Private Facebook community of a community of MB'ers

- 'NEW' - The only regular podcast that talks MB along with all aspects of health and wellness

- Monthly news letter with tips and tricks and seasonal updates

- HealthyLife Tech app - an app that provides coaching, and guidance, and connects all of your health trackers and data into one place so we can monitor this together.

- We have a database of over 2,000 Metabolic Balance specific Meal Plans that you have access to.

- Fitness program that you can use alongside of you MB

⏹️After you achive your goals with MB, what else do they offer?

We provide a quarterly community "Metabolic Vitality" where people can bring their MB plan and surround themselves with a like minded community to achieve their best Metabolic Vitality.

- We also offer 5-pack follow-on consults should you wish to add on extra consults. 

- Note: Both of these are at an additional cost post your MB journey.

⏹️How many MB clients (specifically MB clients) do they have? (We have over 700)

⏹️Check thier google reviews, how many do they have, how many stars?

- We 50+, 5 star reviews

Here's a copy of them - click here

⏹️Have they won any awards in the area of MB practice?

- We have been awarded #1 Metabolic Balance Practice of the year for 4 years in a row

- We are the only practice to be awared this prestigous honour

⏹️Where is there practice located, is there easy parking?

27 Cunningham Street, Newstead. Near the gas works. Yes, we have parking.

⏹️Do they do online consults? (Yes, we can do in-person or on-line)

⏹️What are thier practice days?

- Ours are: Mon, Tue, Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat

Value for your Money

We include all of the features above in our package. No more to pay. We offer more value-add than any other practioner!

Our MB program and our Toolkit is all inclusive.

No more to pay!

Your Team.

Meet your Metabolic Vitality team! ANZ's Metabolic Practice of the Year for four years running. They are well on their way to helping 1,000 people combat lifestyle diseases. They believe in Metabolic Balance so much that they all live the Metabolic Balance lifestyle. Not just coaches sitting on side line telling you what is good for you. They walk their talk!

IWELL-NEW-Logo-Larger-Transparent (1)_edited.png

Presented by the #1 Metabolic Balance Practice ANZ for

4 years in a row

We are delighted to be awarded #1 MB Practice of the year for the fourth consecutive year in a row. In turn, we are constantly innovating to provide the best possible health and vitality outcome for our clients.

Top Awarded MB Practice (2).png

Last word from us

Here at Inspire Wellness we are experts in nutrition, metabolism, functional pathology, and nutri-relationship coaching. We specialise in, and are registered practicioners of Metabolic Balance and all of our practitioners hold at minimum a Bachelor Degree in Health Science.

In fact we have been awared the #1 practice 4 years in a row for being the best MB practice in Australia and New Zealand and in our clinic we have coached more Metabolic Balance clients than any other practice.

We are serious about knowing our stuff, so we can help you.

We know it works, we see it in clinic everyday.

Metabolic Balance is your tailored pathway to optimal health, uniquely crafted from your blood analysis.

Struggling with health issues you can't quite pinpoint?

Don't have plan?

Let Inspire Wellness guide you to a balanced, vibrant life.

Contact us for a discovery call – start understanding and transforming your health today.

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