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Step 1:

Free Discovery Call

Get started with a free 15-minute discovery call.  We will discuss your health concerns and goals and work out a suitable time for you to book your appointment.


Step 2:

Initial Consultation

A holistic review of your health history, current diet and lifestyle.  A personalised treatment plan will be provided and nutrition supplementation advice.


Step 3:

Continued support

Healthy habits and results do not happen overnight.  Ongoing support is provided to to ensure that any nutrition and lifestyle changes are maintained.


Three steps for success


One-on-one consultations (either in clinic or via Skype) provide a holistic review of your current concerns


Fast, accurate body composition results using the latest advances bio-electrical impedance technology.


Group and one-on-one training can be offered.  Our trainers are passionate about helping you achieve your health and fitness goals

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Personalised Nutrition

Nutrition’s foundation is based on the principle that ‘food is medicine’. Our mind, body and soul has an ability to heal itself and maintain optimal wellness as long as we ensure that we have the correct balance of nutrients and conditions.

Using Metabolic Balance we have a program that is unique to you.  Taking into consideration your blood chemistry, your measurements, you current health and any medications we can truly match your foods to you.  

This approach will allow you to experience how amazing foods suitable to you can make you feel.

The Inspire Wellness approach is truly individualised and fully supported

Working with our clients one-on-one allows us to support you through your journey. Our Consultations allow us the opportunity to get to know you and together we can work out a plan to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.


We want our clients to achieve long term success so we will guide you, encourage you and support your from the start of your journey to the end. 

We support our clients in areas such as weight management, sports nutrition, digestive complaints, skin concerns, hormonal imbalances and headaches, to name a few. 


Your visit

Your initial visit will include a review of your full health history.  We will discuss any current conditions that you are concerned about and understand any symptoms you may be experiencing.  

We want to take the time to truly get to know you so that we can provide you with the support you need to reach your goals.

On-going visits will allow us to support you through your lifestyle changes and gentle guide you over any bumps in the road.  

Advise on lifestyle changes and exercise will also be provided.

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