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Step 1:

Free Discovery Call

Get started with a free 15-minute discovery call.  We will discuss your health concerns and goals and work out a suitable time for you to book your appointment.

Step 2:

Initial Consultation

A holistic review of your health history, current diet and lifestyle.  A personalised treatment plan will be provided and nutrition supplementation advice.

Step 3:

Continued support

Healthy habits and results do not happen overnight.  Ongoing support is provided to to ensure that any nutrition and lifestyle changes are maintained.

Three steps for success


One-on-one consultations (either in clinic or via Skype) provide a holistic review of your current concerns


Fast, accurate body composition results using the latest advances bio-electrical impedance technology.


Group and one-on-one training can be offered.  Our trainers are passionate about helping you achieve your health and fitness goals

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Holistic Nutrition

Using a holistic approach when treating clients, taking into consideration the whole person, mind, body and soul.  Therapeutic management is individualised and evidence based using scientific research and traditional medicine knowledge.

Nutrition’s foundation is based on the principle that ‘food is medicine’. Our mind, body and soul has an ability to heal itself and maintain optimal wellness as long as we ensure that we have the correct balance of nutrients and conditions.

The Inspire Wellness approach

Working with clients one-on-one allows me to assess and understand individual nutrition requirements. Consultations comprise of a holistic review of your health, dietary intake and lifestyle choices to develop a plan to provide health goals, dietary and lifestyle ‘tweaks’ along with prescribing individualised supplements (if required) to optimise health and wellness. 

I support clients in areas such as optimal sports nutrition, digestive complaints, allergies, fatigue, headaches, weight loss to name a few. However, my area of passion and focus is stress and anxiety which is so prevalent today in all ages. By considering factors such as your environment, lifestyle, mind, physical and diet we will achieve a calmer stress-free lifestyle.

Your visit

An initial consultation involves a comprehensive and holistic assessment of your health, including assessment of nutrient adequacy, food quality, dietary and lifestyle behaviours.  Anthropometric and body composition analysis may also be used. 

An analysis of any recent blood pathology for nutrition related markers that may have an impact of your health condition will be performed (if pathology is available).

You will receive personalised recommendations 

that may include practical dietary adjustments, with appropriate supplementation, to correct metabolic imbalances. We will work alongside you to determine attainable health goals that will optimise your health and wellbeing.

You can be certain that your recommendations will be tailored to your needs.

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