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"Personalised nutrition is a field that leverages human individuality to drive nutrition strategies that prevent, manage, and treat disease and human health..."
- Bush, Blumber, El-Sohemy, Minich, Ordovas, Reed, Behm. JACN, 2019

What is Metabolic Balance®? 


Metabolic Balance® is the original and all-natural nutritional program developed in Germany by doctors and nutritionists.  It is an award-winning program that provides you with a truly individual plan for your optimum wellness.  It is a science-based holistic nutrition analysis for long term vibrant health and weight loss.  


The foundation of the program is your personal nutrition plan developed from your current lab data and health information.


Metabolic Balance® helps you adjust your current daily eating habits by following a healthy, completely balanced and tailored dietary plan that fits your individual profile.


It’s a personalised 4-stage programme has all the elements for you to succeed to resolve your personal weight issues long-term so you can achieve and maintain optimum health and well-being. 

Read more about the history of the program on the official Metabolic Balance® website.


How Does Metabolic Balance® work? 


Metabolic Balance® is a personalised nutrition plan that identifies the right food to eat for YOUR body!


The food is created based on specific blood tests, body measurements, your health history and personal food choices.  You will then receive one-on-one support from a Clinical Nutritionist to guide you through your own Metabolic Balance® plan.  


The plan has been designed to allow you to achieve your optimum weight, balance your hormones and leave you feeling totally amazing!

Metabolic Balance®

Is Metabolic Balance® right for me?

✓ Do you need a lifelong solution for your weight and health?

✓ Do you want to finally lose/gain weight in a safe, healthy and supportive way?

✓ Are you prepared to make significant healthy changes to your daily food choices and lifestyle?

✓ Do you suffer from hormonal problems?

✓ Are you tired all the time or have low energy?

✓ Do you have body aches and pains caused by inflammation?

✓ Do you suffer from type 2 diabetes?

✓ Do you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure?

✓ Do you want renewed energy, be fit and healthy, regardless of your age!

If you answered yes to any one of the above statements, then the Metabolic Balance® 

program may be perfect for you!

Why Metabolic Balance® works!


Your Metabolic Balance® nutrition plan balances your "body chemistry" with the right "food chemistry" for you.  


Your plan will teach you the exact foods that will work to nourish you to wellness.  You will eat all the essential and vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to re-balance your metabolism.

Your Metabolic Balance® plan is all about you and your own personal health and physical situation.


Health is not a one size fits all approach!


A personalised and tailored approach ensures you know precisely what works for you and how to support your health now and into the future. Your nutrition plan aims to support your healthy metabolism and the management of your weight.


To achieve this with the minimum of problems and within a manageable time span, you are accompanied by a qualified practitioner who has undergone the specialised metabolic balance® training programme to become a licensed metabolic balance® Practitioner.


Your personalised plan plus personalised support is your recipe for success!

What's included in my Metabolic Balance® plan?

Over 12 weeks

You will receive.


Body Composition Analysis (BIA) and measurements to allow you to track your amazing results.

Initial Consult

to determine if Metabolic Balance® is the right plan to help you achieve your goals.

Nutrition Plan

You own personalised all-natural nutrition plan that is easy to follow

Blood Tests

Referral for your blood tests at your local pathology lab (no costs incurred).


Continued email support so that you can contact us if you need any help and guidance.

7 One-on-Ones

Consultations with your Metabolic Balance® practitioner to guide and support you through your plan. 


A special gift bag when you first receive your plan.

Metabolic Balance® is a 12 week supported plan that is only available from a Metabolic Balance® practitioner.

What people say about Metabolic Balance®


"Metabolic Balance® is like no other program I have done...I strongly recommend this program it will change your health and your life!  I have recommended this program to friends and work colleagues, we support each other at work!" - Rosemary, QLD

"I have tried just about every diet out there and it was always the same results.  With Metabolic Balance® it was different almost straight away.  No hunger, no dodgy shakes, just delicious healthy food perfect for me.  I'm loving the real me emerging" - Liz, NSW

"Metabolic Balance® has really been life-changing and made me feel good about myself" - Gaylene, QLD

"I love losing the weight but the best bit is my aches and pain are gone.  It was so easy to do too" - Tracy, WA

Metabolic Balance® results

Metabolic Balance Before and
Metabolic Balance Before and
Metabolic Balance Before and Afters.png
Metabolic Balance Before and
Metabolic Balance Before and
Metabolic Balance Before and

Get started today with Metabolic Balance®


Go for a blood test

Scientific analysis based on 35 blood values and your health profile provide the information to provide you with YOUR own personalised plan.


Get your personal plan

You will receive you own nutrition plan and you will be guided through the four phases involved to realise your health goals.


Eat real, whole foods

Enjoy nutritious meals that are made with ingredients from whole foods.

So many people struggle to lose weight.  Metabolic Balance® provides individual nutrition plans based on your unique body chemistry.  Your personalised plan results in natural, healthy, sustainable weight loss and you feel great.

Your Metabolic Balance® whole food nutrition plan is generated from your blood results, body measurements, current health symptoms and food preferences.  It's the perfect list of foods that nourishes you and you alone.

As a profession practitioner only program, you can also be sure you you'll get all the support you need to realise your health goals.

.... simply individual!

Read more about the program on the Official Metabolic Balance Website.

But, before you leave our website remember, Inspire Wellness has been awareded #1 Metabolic Balance Practice for the last 4 years in a row (2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023). We have assisted almost 1,000 clients to acheive  their goals and would love to work with you on achieving yours.

Also, no other MB practioner delivers the program in conjunction with the MB Hipe Assistant app. 

That said, click here to learn how this amazing program is globally recognised as best in class with more than 1 million people gaining better health and vitality by visiting the official homepage of Metabolic Balance (Australia and NewZealand).

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