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Take control of your health


One on One consultations (either in clinic or via Skype) include a full holistic review of your health history (including family history and current medications).  Prior to your appointment you will receive a health questionnaire and detailed information as to what you should bring along to your first consultation.


A comprehensive review of your current diet and understanding your eating habits and any food sensitivities or intolerances.


An understanding of your lifestyle such as exercise, sleep patterns, work situation, stress.


The consultation may also include a physical examination (such as blood pressure, height, weight).


A personalised treatment plan will be provided once we have completed a full holistic understanding of your current health status.  This will outline:


  • Your current health goals,

  • Strategies to support you achieving your goals,

  • A detailed nutritional prescription including meal plans, nutrient recommendation, lifestyle modifications, practitioner-only supplements (if required).

  • Referral (if required) for testing.

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