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Executive Pathology Panel

At the heart of Fitness, Health, Wellness is your body and the best way to understand exactly how its functioning is by taking a scientifically proven blood test analysed by an Health Specialist. 

M26FIT are proud to partner with one of Australia’s leading Clinical Nutritionists and Metabolic Balance experts. This unique and thorough test will provide you with a detailed 35+ page report giving you significant insights into your health which has in many instances saved lives

Magnus Olson

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Founder of

Last year I was training hard preparing to trek Mt Everest Base Camp in a couple of months. A friend recommended I take the Executive Pathology Panel to ensure my insides were healthy. I consider myself pretty fit and have been working out consistently for over 30 years, competing in triathlons and keeping very active physically. I’m also very disciplined with my nutrition, eating a very healthy balanced diet which was why I was surprised when I received the very comprehensive 40 page report stating I was deficient in a number of areas.


However after sitting down for my consultation with Karen to explain the reasons why my body was depleted of certain vitamins and minerals. The test even picked up an issue with my gut health caused by antibiotics used to treat an infection I’d suffered a couple of months ago. I was prescribed a number of supplements to restore the low markers along with some adjustments to my diet.

Like the saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know and if I hadn’t taken the advice I’m sure I wouldn’t made it to Mt Everest Base Camp. Probably the best $600 I’ve ever spent and I now tell anyone over 35 to just do the test, its such a minimal cost to know exactly how you’re insides are functioning, and it could just save your life. 

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Karen Pyke,
Founder & CEO at Inspire Wellness.

Self-awareness on the 'inside' is really hard to determine without the right help. A scientific blood pathology panel tailored to hone in on the key markers for the busy executive lifestyle is an excellent way to acheive maximum awareness of what is happening 'inside' your body.


What's involved?

Did we say Comprehensive?

This is where the M26FIT EPP differs from a normal pathology test.  We give you a 35+ page comprehensive Blood Chemistry Analysis Functional Health Report.  The Functional Health Report results from a detailed algorithmic analysis of your blood test results. We analyze the blood test data for its hidden meaning and reveals the subtle, web-like patterns hidden within the numbers that signal the first stages of functional change in your body.


Scott, Management Consultant

When a family member and also a lifelong friend both got diagnosed with prostate cancer and both found out with a blood test. I wanted to ensure that I was all good with my "bloody" health. Fortunately, I found the Executive Pathology Panel. My GP asked how I got a referral for such a comprehensive test when I was fit and healthy.

This question made me wonder how others can access a comprehensive test?

Unfortunately, I have a score that is of concern. I am seeking specialist advice and there is little concern at this stage thanks to my  good health (which I am thankful for the Exec Pathology Panel).

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Blood Test
  • How long does it typically take?
    Your Executive Pathology Panel (EPP) has typically three steps, Order your EPP, Take a Blood Test, Book in for your EPP Consult. However, there's a lot going on for you in between those steps. Each can take varying amounts of time. Below is a complete break down of the timings. Ordering my EPP (aka Step 1): Ordering your EPP is super simple and should take less than 5 minutes. Recieving my Referral: Normally, this will take only a few minutes. That said, systems can be delayed. In the unlikely even you do not receive your referral with in 2-4 hours, please contact us and we will ensure you get your referral. Filling in my Health History: This step is optional, but is really important for us to give you a holistic recommendation on your health. You will recieve an email asking you to fill out your health history. Filling our your health history form is all on-line, and should take only 5-10 minutes. Getting my Blood Test (aka Step 2): This is perhaps the lenghtiest step for you. You will need to head down to your nearest pathology lab (QML in Qld), pass your referral to reception, wait for the "Phlebotomist" (person who will take your blood for testing), and typically you are on your way. Normally, if the pathology is not busy, this process takes 10 minutes. Times will vary based on the time you visit the pathology lab. We have found visiting first up on the weekend to be really good and get there 15 minutes early to be the first to arrive. Then, the whole timing should be less than 30 minutes. Remeber your must fast for 12 hours, and drink plenty of water before hand (see our FAQ on getting my blood test). Pathology results: Your pathology results come directly to us and usually this takes a 1-2 business days. Times do vary based on public holidays and other factors. Our Analysis: The pathology lab provides us with the basic information which is really not very clear for the non-pathology technician. We perform a comprehensive analysis and report (50+ pages) of the results that come back from the pathology lab. This report will take us quite some time to prepare and review. That said, we typically do this within 2 business days. Scheduling my consult: You will receive an email when your full EPP has been completed. Then, you can book an appointment with us. This is an on-line process that should only take you 5 mintues to complete. Consultation Time (aka Step 3): Your consultation with one of our practitioners is 30 minutes in length.
  • Can I get a refund?
    As this is a digital health product, no refunds will be provided once the pathology test has been performed. If a cancellation request is submitted before the pathology test is taken, a 50% refund will be provided due to the digital generation of the referral, which is an immediate digital product delivered post payment. For the complete Terms and Conditions of the EPP, please click here,
  • Is my health information secure?
    Yes. Rest assured, your data is safe with us. We adhere to strict HIPAA guidelines, employing encryption, secure storage, and controlled access to protect your confidential information. Our commitment to privacy ensures your personal data remains secure and compliant with industry best practices.
  • Which Pathology Lab should I use?
    It is very important that you use one of our pathology partners. Failure to do so may incur an additional cost to you. We use different Pathology Labs in different states. Below is the list of pathology partners and a link to their website for you to find your nearest Pathology Lab. ACT - Laverty Pathology NSW - Laverty Pathology NT - Western Diagnostic QLD - QML Pathology SA - Abbot Diagnostic TAS - TML Pathology VIC - Dorevitch Pathology WA - Western Diagnostic
  • Tips on preparing for a successful blood test
    To ensure a successful blood test, follow these tips: 1. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water before the test, as it makes veins more visible and blood draw easier. 2. Prepare: Check for any fasting requirements, medications, or supplements to avoid beforehand. 3. Relax: Ease anxiety through deep breathing or visualization techniques. 4. Apply warmth: Warm the arm to improve blood flow, making veins more accessible. 5. Arm positioning: Keep your arm straight and relaxed. 6. Communicate: Inform the phlebotomist about past issues, preferences, or concerns. Remember, always follow your healthcare provider's instructions.
  • Are you providing a diagnosis based on my pathology results?
    No the EPP is not a diagnosis, but rather comprehensive insight into the level of dysfunction of you pathology results. The EPP is a comprehensive analysis and next step recommendations based on a full and comprehensive blood panel, and analysis of your health history (provided by you) along with your blood pathology. You will recieve referals to other clinicians that are able to provide diangosis in their modality of practice.

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