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What Do I Feed My Family?

Now, this article is geared towards our Metabolic Balance participants BUT if you are not doing the program keep reading! This will most certainly help you and your family with eating healthy meal ideas too.

A recent post of ours sparked a lot of interest and bought one resounding question to the table, so we thought we would explore this a little more to make 'things' super simple.

The question -

(Basically) was "How do I feed myself PLUS my family while doing Metabolic Balance?"

Our answer -

Firstly, let’s get clear on the whole goal of Metabolic Balance. The Metabolic Balance journey is designed so that you don’t have to "fall off the wagon" and begin again in a few months or even years’ time.

For that reason, Metabolic Balance is NOT just a fad plan that you will do for the next 12 weeks of your life. It's a lifestyle change. This is something you will be doing FOREVER!

Remember there is a reason why you were not seeing the results you wanted - and so, we embark on a lifestyle change that reclaims your health back!

Ok, so that might sound scary but trust us, it's not going to be as hard as you might think. In time, we do ease some of the boundaries to suit your lifestyle and ensure you feel little restriction. However, by that same token, don't expect that at the end of your MB journey you will return back to your old habits from before you started. Because MB isn't restrictive or a "diet" and, instead is a plan that offers abundance AND makes you feel amazing you won't want to return back to where you started!

That all being said, by now you have probably realised that you are going to have to make some changes within the household so your new lifestyle is going to be sustainable. The sooner you and your family members ideals surrounding food align, the better!

The foods given to you on your Metabolic Balance plan are amazing whole, real foods! Embrace this! This means that your family can absolutely eat in a way that is very similar to you and benefit from your lifestyle changes!

Here are six ways that we recommend to get you and the family on the same playing field, to begin with, then "bulk up" the meals and make them more appealing to the whole family.

  • Say goodbye to foods high in refined carbohydrates, added sugars and preservatives hidden in the pantry. Taking the first step to clean out your pantry is one of the most powerful you can take. It is simple. If you don't have the prepackaged foods (chips, lollies, biscuits etc.) lying around you will not be tempted to eat them. Your family will also benefit from this. You will be able to discover a love for real foods together. You may like to do this activity in the "prep phase" where we will be cleansing your body and getting ready to start MB with a blank canvas - why not do the same for your pantry!

  • Replace the old refined carbohydrates for wholesome complex carbohydrates/ starches! Here we are talking about brown, wild or jasmine rice, whole-wheat pasta, whole grain wraps (check out the ingredients list first), brown rice cakes and a good quality sourdough bread (they can use your rye). You can also use starchy vegetables like sweet potato and white potato. These ingredients will come in handy to bulk up meals. You may serve the same vegetables + protein with a side of complex carbohydrates for the rest of the family or, if you are having a salad and protein as a lunch, you may like to put theirs in a wrap or sandwich! Another idea is to roast up some potato and sweet potato and serve them as wedges with guacamole or some of the condiments listed below!

  • You don't need to weigh anyone else's food other than your own! Eating with someone else is a brilliant way to use up leftovers and reduce your waste! Portion your own food prior to cooking and let them enjoy the rest! Win!

  • Pre-make family favourites and store in bulk. We get it, life gets busy and the last thing you may feel like doing on a weeknight is come home and prepare a Metabolically Balanced meal for the family. Or, you might have a particular food on your list you really want to try but doesn't appeal to the masses. This is where this idea comes in very handy! Pre-make a batch of lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, stew, casserole, curry or whatever your family go-to is and store it in the freezer! You can pull this out at any given time and you're set to go!

  • Have fun with vegetable noodles! A vegetable spiraliser is a great way to get the kids in the kitchen and cook with vegetables in a different way. Use vegetables that are on your plan like zucchini and carrot so you can all enjoy them together! Weigh out your portion before cooking! We love making our own sauce to go with the noodles. Try fresh tomato blended with mixed Italian herbs and fresh basil. Or, a pesto made with avocado, fresh basil and olive oil! Add the same protein on your plan to everyone's meal and enjoy! You could add some grated cheese to their meal too!

  • Some sauces, toppings and condiments are great to help jazz up the taste of the rest of the family's meal. Try chutneys, mayonnaise (we love Gevity Great Guts Mayo), cheese, greek yoghurt and quality pestos. Make sure that you are purchasing condiments that are based on whole foods and aren't loaded with preservatives!

Like any change, the early stages can be tough. With practice and time meal prep will become easier and feel a lot more smooth. Stick with it. Ask for help when you need and please feel free to share any of your own ideas with us! We would love to hear!

Please note that this advice is of a general nature and doesn't take into account any health conditions or allergies that others within your family may have. If you require any extra specific advice, please contact one of our nutritionists and we would be only too happy to help!

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