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Metabolic Balance Success Story

For a very long time, they had been struggling with their health, medicated to the eyeballs and not happy in their own body. They had tried different approaches to manage their health in the past but felt as though nothing was working. In fact, their doctor also agreed that he was at witts end trying to help them on their path to weight loss and wellness.

This beautiful couple first came to Inspire Wellness looking for a solution for their health. They had heard about Metabolic Balance and were interested to see if it would be suitable for them to do as a couple and at the stage of life that they were at. They were very happy to hear that we could help! Alongside Karen, they learnt about nutrition and more importantly, what foods specifically their bodies needed. Although their food lists were not completely the same, the couple found that they were easily able to find similarities in their plans so they could enjoy foods together. This lifestyle change was closely monitored by Karen over the course of their program. They took the changes in their stride and overcame setbacks along the way. They both noticed instant changes in their physical health. Their metabolic balance journey so far... The most remarkable achievement here is that their doctor had decreased their medications - dramatically! Before they began the program they were spending around $250 per month on medications, now their monthly bill is only $20!!! This is a lifelong saving of not only their health... Ivan and Sylvia's success story is a testament to how amazing the metabolic balance program is for people of all ages. The program is easy to follow, using simple principles and is an effective long term solution for wellness.

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