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Inspirational Client Profile - Karen

Hello and welcome to our new blog series of Inspirational Client Profiles! We have so many fantastic clients who have achieved absolutely amazing results through their Metabolic Balance Journey, so, we saw it fitting to share their experiences with you - the wider community! We are so proud of each and every one of our clients but here, it is a special showcase of the fantastic work and effort they have put into improving their health and wellness. We hope you love the little insight into their health journey!

INTRODUCING... Our first inspiration, Karen Jenkins. There is not a place to start that is more fitting. Karen is a dear friend of (our) Karen and has taken her Metabolic Balance Journey in her stride. Karen is an inspiration for all our other clients and her coaches. Thank you for sharing your experience thus far Karen. We're lucky to have you as our beautiful client!

(A throwback to 2014! Here are the Karen's before the start of their Metabolic Balance Journies)

1. What was your main reason for beginning your Metabolic Balance journey? I felt my weight was contributing to health issues and would cause me to be unhealthy going into older age and I wanted to become a healthier me to assist good health going forward.

2. Did you have a specific goal? What was it and did you achieve it?  I wanted to achieve a weight loss of 11kg, I have smashed my goal with 13kg weight loss.

3. Had you tried anything else in the past?  I had success with the blood sugar diet but it was not sustainable for me I was not able to maintain the weight loss and soon fell back into bad habits.

4. What drew you to Metabolic Balance? I was inspired by the success of MB for my good friend Karen Pyke and her family.

5. How was your Metabolic Balance journey? Was it easier or more difficult than you had anticipated? 

I actually found it easier than I thought. Initially taking in all the information makes you think it will be hard but it is really simple to follow as food choices, weights and portion sizes and the rules are very clear. Organisation is the key.

6. Our goal is to help you, set you on your way and get you so healthy that we never have to see you again. Do you feel confident that the support you have been given through our Metabolic Balance coaches has given you the tools to keep the program going as a part of a new way of life? 

I am very confident that the coaching has prepared me for maintaining my healthy way of life, I am yet to reach phase 4 but I am sure when I do I will be signed off with all of the tools to manage this lifestyle going forward.

7. What were your meals like? Did you enjoy your meals?  My meals are simple, quick and easy. I am mainly a pan cook. My protein will vary between red meat, fish and poultry which I will pan fry with my veg in my allocated oil. (Even in phase 1 where oil was not allowed I pan-fried in water and meals were surprisingly tasty) I also do lentil dahl which includes my pulses and veg in one. I must admit I am not very adventurous, however, I am happy that with the use of herbs and spices any meal can taste good after all it's all fresh healthy ingredients. I also choose to have my biggest meal at lunchtime where I usually eat all of my bread allocations, this seems to keep me satisfied for the day and I am happy with my basic meal and no bread at dinner time.

8. What was the most challenging part of your journey and how did you overcome those challenges?  Challenges seemed harder at the beginning as a Mum with a busy household I had to get used to preparing (up to) 4 different meals a night, also it's hard at first when you are eating different and smaller meals than the family, particularly on a Sunday when I was preparing them a Sunday Roast, or when they get a takeaway. I have to say this gets easier. I think it's a mental thing, you just become happy with what your meals are. Eating out is a challenge as I find it difficult to find metabolically balanced meals. Group gatherings are also difficult but I have managed to take my own food and friends understand that I will just be eating my own thing.

9. Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for anyone who is considering starting their own Metabolic Balance journey? Trust in the process! Stick with it, don't be ruled by the scales. Utilise the group chat and take comfort from those also on the journey.

Well done Karen, you are amazing!

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