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Healthy Tips to Navigate the Festive Season

The festive season is creeping up, quickly! It's time that we often spend with friends, family and loved ones - we party and socialise which typically means that there is plenty of food and drink involved. There is so much to love about the festive season, especially the food. Christmas is notoriously a time to indulge, but don't let it be a time to overindulge. Here are a few of our hot tips that can help you stay on track and prevent you from feeling sluggish and 'blah'!

Here are our top tips for staying happy and healthy during the festive season:

  • Keep up your normal health routine. Even though you are on holidays, it doesn't mean that you should throw out all of your good habits! If you usually get up in the morning and exercise or drink 3L of water a day keep it up! By staying consistent in your normal routine you will find it a lot easier to make conscious, healthy choices!

  • Don't arrive at a party famished It's a bit like what they say about not going grocery shopping while you are hungry... It's a good idea that you eat something healthy and wholesome prior to your event so you don’t arrive starving. This could mean simply eating your normal, well-balanced lunch or, if the event is a little later on in the evening, make a pre-party snack that combines protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats! This could be something like a handful of nuts and an apple or, turkey breast and avocado on a Ryvita! This will prevent you from mindlessly snacking on cheese boards, chips and nibbles!

  • If it is BYO make sure the plate you bring is a healthy option This way you will know that there is definitely something at the gathering that you can load a good portion of your plate with.

  • Stay hydrated Sometimes we confuse hunger for thirst. Drinking plenty of water will help keep you and your skin merry and bright. Aim for 0.35mL per kilogram of body weight.

  • Get active in the morning It's Summer and the sun is shining early so jump out of bed 30 minutes earlier than you usually would and get active before the day gets hectic! Start your day this way and see how much of a positive this will make to your day!

  • Avoid drinking alcohol on an empty stomach. If you choose to drink, avoid doing so on an empty stomach. Alcohol increases your appetite and diminishes your ability to control what you eat.

  • Be kind to yourself. Maybe you love to meditate or do yoga every day. Keep this up so you feel amazing and stay grounded.

  • Pay attention to what really matters. Although food is a huge part of the festive season holidays, it is not the only part. Remember the reason that you are gathered - to spend time with the ones closest to you.

  • Don't beat yourself up if you overindulge! If you over-indulge don’t beat yourself up over it! The festive season only comes around once a year, so indulging once or twice won't do you any harm. Remember that it is consistency the other 90% of the time that really matters. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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