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Eat Breakfast Right | Be Well... In Under 5 minutes

So, you have decided that it is time for a lifestyle change, but you may be a little apprehensive about how a new meal plan might restrict you, or, be tricky to integrate into your current routine. You may even be wondering how a change in your diet can be integrated into everyday life - especially if the whole family has to be taken into consideration?

Well - it's simple.

Let us start with breakfast!

Here are two Metabolic Balance breakfasts that take less than 5 minutes to prepare, are incredibly nutritious and equally delicious! They are sure to satisfy both the sweet and savoury tooth within the family. One of the great things about Metabolic Balance is that it takes into consideration personal needs and will tickle the taste palate of all your family members.

Check these recipes out! They are so easy to incorporate into your everyday routine! You can adapt the recipes to suit your weights from your MB Plan.


Avocado and Goats Cheese Fetta on Rye

1 x 45g 100% Rye Bread

1 x Avocado

45g Sheep's Fetta

+ salt & pepper to taste


1. Toast Rye Bread in a toaster

2. Cut open and slice the avocado

3. Mash desired amount of avocado on the toast

4. Crumble sheep's fetta over the top

5. Season with salt & pepper and ENJOY!

This savoury breakfast is rich in healthy fats. Healthy (unsaturated) fats are essential to metabolic function and are crucial for our body to function properly. The avocado in this recipe provides a rich source of monounsaturated fats, the type of fat that is fantastic to balance blood cholesterol! Incorporate healthy fats with each meal to help you stay fuller for longer and prevent hunger dips and spikes!


Mango Yoghurt Smoothie

1 x 200g Natural Yoghurt

150g Frozen Mango (try to find organic where possible)

150mL still water


In a blender...

1. Add yoghurt, mango and water

2. Blend for 60 seconds or until smooth

3. Pour into a glass and serve with a straw.


Aside from the sweet and delicious flavour mango gives this breakfast, it also brings along a host of health benefits! Mangoes are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that will nourish and help boost your immune system! Immune health is particularly important at this time our as the immune system is what protects us from coughs, colds and viruses!

If you love the look of these recipes and are interested in making simple, personalised, life-changing alterations to your diet please contact us today and take your first step towards excellent health!

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