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When our clients walk through our doors, one of the very first questions they ask us is "is this going to be hard?"

Our answer is - it can be very easy or, you can make it hard. Ambiguous answer? Let us explain.

Metabolic Balance is simple

To achieve results on Metabolic Balance, all you need to do it work with your practitioner to stick to the 8 rules and adhere to your food list. The 8 rules are the backbone for how you are going to adapt your lifestyle and change your meal rituals. These change will greatly benefit you and are the most important part of going on MB. You stick to the 8 rules, follow your food list and we can guarantee you results.

Is my food list going to be hard to source?

I don't want to be running to health food stores all the time!

No. Not at all. Your individualized food list is full of whole foods that can (mostly) be found in the grocery store. There are no lotions, powders or potions that make up your list but instead, you will be buying fruit (lots of apples), vegetables, protein sources and rye bread. Again, we work with you to help you source your foods. If you are unable to find something in Coles, Woolworths or Aldi, we will already know where to find it! Most of our clients report that their grocery bill decreases too- WIN!

Do I need to cook elaborate meals?

I need to feed more than one person in this family - will they like the food I have to eat?

There is absolutely no complexity in meals. A typical meal on MB would be a protein portion, vegetable portion and slice of rye bread. Our metabolic balance practitioners Karen and Lauren are both following a metabolic balance plan- here's a little about their situations.

Karen - Karen is also feeding her entire family who all have their own plans! They have made this work brilliantly, just like all of our clients who have families participating in MB. There are similarities in plans and some easy tweaks can be made to make sure that everyone is sticking to their plan! Karen's family have seen amazing results and have enjoyed making life long health changes together. Karen doesn't like making elaborate meals and instead just cooks simply and uses her whole food ingredients to add flavour!

Lauren - Lauren and her fiance eat meals together. Lauren's fiance is not (yet) on a Metabolic Balance plan but absolutely loves the food that Lauren serves him. He comments that the variety of their meals has increased hugely compared to how they used to eat and can't believe that some of the foods on her list are in abundance like they are (mozzarella cheese in particular). Lauren loves recipe creation and making interesting and delicious recipes out of the foods that are on her list. She's not finding it restrictive, nor difficult to keep eating the way she loves! One of the latest creations Lauren has made from her food list is pan-seared salmon served with zucchini noodles with avocado and basil pesto! Another of Lauren's favourites is chicken parmigiana (made with her bread portion as crumbs) and a roast vegetable salad. YUM!

This doesn't sound hard!

No, it's not at all!

Like we just mentioned, for people like Lauren who likes to create and this can be more time consuming to make meals elaborate, but that is probably the only hard part about cooking in metabolic balance. To make meals fit into your meal plan sometimes you need to get creative!

You will be supported and guided every single step of the way and your practitioner will go above and beyond to get you to achieving your goals. We want this to work for you and we know that it will! The program has an intricate and meticulously well-researched design to make sure that every lifestyle change you make is for great reason. You will feel great and it won't be hard - we promise!

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