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What if you could feel like you again?


Give us 90 days, and we’ll reconnect you to the version of yourself you felt the best in...
... and then we’ll help you create an even better one.

Do you remember what healthy felt like?

For you, it might have been all the way back in school - where you had boundless energy to play sport, eat insane amounts of food, go back for seconds or dessert, and notice zero change to your performance, or waist line.

Or, if you’re one of the fortunate ones - it may have been all the way through your 20’s and 30’s - where you felt like you could enjoy all of lifes pleasures, while still getting back up for the gym and work on Monday and putting in the hours to progress your career.

Some of us may look at that time with rose-coloured glasses, but for many that’s the last time we felt truly good in our bodies…


… or at very least, there was an absence of “the bad” (weight gain, low energy, poor recovery)

We ate and drank without shame, guilt, or restriction.

So what happened?


Life happened.

We grew up. 

We stopped moving as much. 

Our active hobbies or competitive pursuits fell by the wayside.

Coffee and Work

We got jobs where we sit at a desk all day, and when we’re not sitting there, we’re in the car, or on the couch. 

We started eating from a place of convenience and pleasure, not from a place of fuelling our body or performance.

Marriage. Kids. Promotions. Properties. Responsibilities

… all compound to less time on us, and even less time noticing the signs that this lifestyle starts to compound over the years, and our bodies start keeping score.


The longer you let go, it is harder to regain form.

You hit a point where you can no longer lean on over-training and undereating for 6 weeks to get back on track and shed those few extra kilograms before a key event.

In fact, the belt buckle doesn’t shift at all, and your fuel tank feels like it's running on empty. 


The penny drops.

Panic rises.

Frustration builds.

Despair mounts.

But the good news, is that health is not far out of reach.

True health, 

(not just a flash weight loss, that stacks on weeks after you’ve lost it.)

In fact, you can see a drastic change in just 90 days, and with easy-to-adopt lifestyle changes that you can incorporate into the rest of your life

... without constant rebooking appointments to keep you on track.

You just need the right plan FOR YOU.

❌ Not for your significant other.

❌ Not for your peers.

❌ Not for your neighbours.

For you. 

Completely personalised to your optimal health markers.

Fret not, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s time to feel (and look) healthy again



How healthy are your habits?

Interested to learn more about the role your habits play in your health and wellness outcomes?

Book a discovery call to get get a free habits assessment and to find out more about our process, and why we’ve won Metabolic Balance Practitioner of the year, four years running!


I'm a clinical nutritionist (BHSc), registered Metabolic Balance Practitioner, and PT, based in beautiful Brisbane, Queensland.

Hi, I'm Karen.

In early 2019, I was exactly where you are right now.

I had lived a reasonably active lifestyle my whole life.

Until that point, I had done all the things I was ‘supposed to do’

I studied, and travelled

I worked, and built my career

I got married, and built a family

Then, I got incredibly passionate about health and fitness.

I had even done my PT course, taken some initial nutrition studies, and was running a successful bootcamp business.

I thought that I had it all worked out.

I was eating a pretty healthy vegetarian diet, but for the life of me, I just could not work out why I was feeling tired. 

Every single day, I was wanting to crawl back into bed by 10am and enjoy a lie down around 3pm, and the excess weight I was carrying was just not coming off.

I tried intermittent fasting, restricted calorie fasting and yet not a thing changed. I even had my thyroid checked as that had to be the reason but it

I tried every conceivable fad diet, and detox available - and still nothing.

So, I decided to dive deeper into study, picking up additional university qualifications in nutrition. 

Then, I discovered Metabolic Balance, and everything clicked.

I finally had the answers I was looking for, and it was all personalised for me, my body, and my unique circumstances.

Fast forward to now - not only have I implemented a successful weight management tool in my clinical practice but I have implemented the change myself. 


My energy no longer stops me (no more wanting to crawl back into bed). 

I feel fitter and healthier than I ever have.

I now truly understand how amazing food can make me feel, and the added bonus of being 14kg lighter, which I’ve sustained pretty effortlessly to this day, or without major fluctuations.

Overall wellness is the goal.
Sustainable weight loss is the byproduct.


To fully understand Metabolic Balance, we need to understand the importance of Metabolic Health, and how to beat the “co-morbid factors” that can prevent it.

Without this understanding, we are trying to add fuel to a non-existent flame.

We need to work WITH our bodies, not against them.

That is the issue with most short-term restrictive diets, they can actually hurt more than they help us, even if there is a slight initial weight loss shift.

How do we achieve it?

It’s simpler than you think. 

We do an in-depth analysis on your Metabolic Health so we can finetune your plan so you can become the healthiest, most energetic version of yourself.

It’s all possible, with the right nutrition strategy, personalised for you.

Next stop - sustainable health and vitality.

Why Metabolic Balance Works


Unique to you

60 of your blood values will give you a clear picture of your current health, your metabolism, and the individual nutrition program that will work, specific to you.


Simple whole foods

No shakes, no potions - our food is our medicine. What you eat must be simple. Simple to buy, simple to prepare, and simple to enjoy sustainably.

No guess work

Feel confident in knowing every recommendation is designed for your optimal health. Find all the information you need in our app, as well as delicious recipes and combinations, so you’re never stuck for ideas.


I'M IN! Where to next?


Step #1:
Let's discuss your journey


Book a free discovery call, so we can get a good understanding of where you’re currently at - where you’ve been, and where you want to go.

blood vials.jpg

Step #2:
Tailor a plan from your bloods


I'll refer you off for a blood chemistry analysis of 60 markers. Your first consultation will be a thorough review of your metabolic health and we kick start your brand new individualised plan.


Step #3: Schedule in consults, milestones, and celebrations!


Over the following months, the consultation and coaching is frequent and will keep you focused and fully understanding your journey. Next stop, a metabolically healthy you!

Change is hard, especially when it comes to your health. 


What you have to remember is that processed food and fast food companies spend BILLIONS on getting you hooked to sugar-filled and highly processed foods. 

So, to assist with this, Ill be right by your side, and it is perfectly normal to fall every now and then. 

I’m excited to meet you, see you on the call!

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