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Metabolic Vitality EAP

Welcome to

Employee Assistance Program to better nutrition and physical movement to safeguard agasint psychosocial hazards @ work.

The Metabolic Vitality Experience is...


Proactive Healthy tailored to you!

A healthy diet protects against PsychoSocial hazards at work

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Presented by the #1 Metabolic Balance Practice ANZ for 4 years in a row

We are delighted to be awarded #1 MB Practice of the year for the fourth consecutive year in a row. In turn, we are constantly innovating to provide the best possible health and vitality outcome for our clients.

Thus, we are proud to launch Metabolic Vitality.
An annual experience that welcomes all MB'ers to an evironment to focus on Metabolic Health and delivers peak Vitality. 

Join us this from end of January - mid-March.

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8 weeks of Vitality Focus

Healthy Life Tech

Practioner Support



Major Prize

All for just $895*

Finally, a proactive approach to safeguard against psychosocial hazards in the work place.

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