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Unlock your ultimate health potential with Metabolic Vitality - EAP.


This comprehensive program combines a detailed blood pathology analysis, weekly telehealth consultations, and a powerful app to guide your wellness journey.


Experience personalised support with daily motivation, health tracking, custom meal plans, and a exercise-mindfulness routine.


Designed for busy professionals, MV - EAP offers a holistic approach to health, focusing on stress reduction and metabolic tuning.


Join us and transform your wellbeing with science-backed precision and care.


Embrace a healthier, more vibrant you.


Add to cart for a revitalized tomorrow.

Metabolic Vitality - EAP

SKU: IW1002
  • Step 1: Receive a QML referral for a comprehensive blood test, assessing key health markers, with no GP referral needed.

    Step 2: We analyze your blood results, examining over 50 health indicators for a personalized health profile.

    Step 3: Participate in a 30-minute clinical consultation to discuss your tailored treatment plan based on your blood analysis.

    Step 4: Benefit from weekly telehealth consultations with registered practitioners for ongoing support and guidance.

    Step 5: Gain access to our exclusive health app for daily wellness education, health tracking, personalized meal plans, and a custom exercise and mindfulness program.

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